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Tamini is the Italian company, worldwide leader, in the design and production of industrial transformers, power transformers and transformers for special application.


Founded in 1916 in Milan, the business provides its products to the most important industrial companies and the most highly qualified operators in the electricity (generation, distribution and transmission), metalworking and minerals, oil and gas, chemical and pharmaceutical as well as the railway and transport sectors.


With over 100 years of experience on the market and many records on the field, Tamini combines the quality of its products, designed and built by hand, with the unparalleled experience represented by the Made in Italy brand.


Tamini has produced and installed over 8,300 transformers for its customers on more than 90 countries world-wide, approximately 1000 in the last ten years.


Tamini manages 4 production plants in Italy, and also operates through its subsidiaries in the United States, North Africa and India. At the present time, approximately 80% of the turnover derives from exports, and in particular to emerging economies.


In 2014, Tamini joined the Terna Group, the Italian grid operator for the transmission of energy, the first independent operator in Europe and the sixth worldwide: a solid, financially stable company at the forefront in the energy sector and with the aim of consolidating synergies of high quality and new levels of development.


                                The Selection process


The Recruiting and Selection policy within the Terna Group is managed by the HR function with input and involvement on the part of the various other departments where the position exists.


It produces a shortlist of potential candidates for selection in line with the required characteristics from among the curricula in the company’s data bases, as well as those received over the website.


Within the ambit of any one selection process, all the candidates are subject to the same type of tests and, more generally, the selection is carried out in line with the relevant indications as contained in the Code of Ethics.


Phase 1


Interview in order to verify the existence of the requisites necessary for the position in terms of behavioural and motivational aspects and values.


Phase 2 


Technical/professional interview to ascertain the existence of the requisites necessary for the position on terms of technical, professional and managerial aspects.


Phase 3 


Final interview in order to reach the final selection, starting from the feedback in the previous two phases and in the light of the overall profile sought. Identification of the list of suitable candidates and those whose profiles do not meet the requirements.




Depending on the number of openings and the number of suitable candidates there may be a number of ’excess suitable candidates’ i.e., candidates who are suitable for hiring (without repeating the selection process) if within a period of one year similar positions should open up.


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