December 2017

No.4 Tamini’s Transformers for a Geothermal Power Station in North Iceland

The construction of a 90 MW power station is the first step in the utilization of the geothermal area at Theistareykir (North Iceland), which has an enormous potential with an estimated capacity of up to 200 MW.
The project, managed by LANDSVIRKJUN (the Iceland's National Energy Company), is currently being finalized.
Since 1999 extensive research has been conducted and a significant amount of preparation has been done in the planned construction area. This includes the laying of an access road, groundworks for the power station foundation, the installation of water utilities and development of further infrastructure.
The whole project includes the construction of a power station comprised of a service building and workshop (along with two turbine halls), a separator unit, a re-injection house and a freshwater pumping station.
In January 2015, Landsvirkjun and Tamini signed a contract for the purchase of No.4 Power Transformers with a rated power of 50 MVA and a primary voltage of 220 kV.
The Tamini’s Transformers were delivered in May 2017 in the amazing landscape of Theistareykir and they have been successfully put in operation.
Environmental considerations have been heavily emphasized during both construction and operation, due to the uniqueness of the area and in order to minimize the impacts.