Series Reactors

In electric arc furnaces, which use long arcs and high values of secondary voltage, it is often helpful to introduce an additional reactor with the purpose of:

  • Arc stability and power regulation
  • Optimisation electrodes consumption
  • Limitation of current during smelting process
  • Reduction of flicker on the feeding network.
The reactors are series connected with the furnace transformers and have some regulation taps (for the reactance regulation) operated with either an onload tap changer (OLTC), for maximum flexibility, or with a de-energized tap changer (DETC). 

The reactor can be assembled:
  • Inside the main transformer tank
  • Entirely separated from the transformer
  • Located next to the transformer (On Board Reactor).
In the OBR (On Board Reactor) solution, the reactor and the transformer are  linked by a removable cable duct.

Tamini has designed and successfully supplied many different types of transformer/reactor solution. Among them the "Booster-type" one, in which the reactor is built-in, is the solution that optimizes the voltage/current values in the transformer regulation circuit.

Product Scope

  • Through-put rating up to 150 MVAr