Organizational, Management and Control Model 231

Since 2005 Tamini has adopted an organizational, management and control model (“Model 231”) to ensure the fairness and transparency of its activities. In this way, the Company, in addition to implementing Legislative Decree no. 231 of June 8, 2001 (“Decree 231”) on the administrative liability of entities, protects the Company’s reputation and meets the expectations of its stakeholders, in line with all Terna Group companies.
The main feature of the Model 231 is its dynamism: it was amended over time to adapt both to law provisions and subsequent inclusion of new crimes in compliance with Decree 231, and to the Group organizational modifications. In 2014, following the acquisition of the Company by TERNA S.p.A., the Model 231 has been revised in its structure and content according to the criteria of the Parent Company’s Model, adapted to the Tamini’s business specifications.
The version published here has been updated on 14 January 2022 with the following main changes:


  • the switch from an approach by group of offences to a process-based approach: the objective is to make the audits carried out on behalf of the Supervisory Body by the Organisational Structures of the Group even more efficient, and to promote a greater understanding of the 231 Model by the company population;

  • updating the Model 231 to the so-called PIF Directive, which came into force on 30 July 2020 and introduced new predicate offences;

  • updating the Model 231 to the Cyber Security DPCM (Italian Prime Ministerial Decree) of 21 September 2019, which made changes to the administrative liability of entities with the inclusion of a new predicate offence centred around the violation of the new regulations and procedures introduced.

  • Adoption of a Management System for the prevention of corruption in accordance with UNI ISO 37001:2016.
    An integral part of this management system is the Prevention of Corruption Policy, approved by the Board of Directors of TAMINI Trasformatori S.r.l on 13 October 2022. and oriented, in particular, towards the pursuit of general objectives for preventing and combating corruption.


Reporting violations to the Organizational Model in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001
Violations to Model 231 can be sent by email to: or by mail to the following address:
Tamini Trasformatori S.r.l., to Terna S.p.A.
Organismo di Vigilanza Modello 231 - Viale Egidio Galbani, 70 - 00156 Roma


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Code of Ethics


On 9 July 2014 Tamini adopted the new Code of Ethics of the Parent Company TERNA S.p.A, in effect since May 2002, which identifies the Company’s specific stakeholders and outlines the ethics regarding the peculiar problems arising from carrying out the transformers business. Special attention was devoted to the commitment for operating in full respect of the environment and in harmony with the territory and its authorities.


   Terna Code of Ethics - ITA

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 In compliance with the provisions of Italian Law no. 179 of 30 November 2017, setting forth “Provisions to protect those reporting crimes or irregularities which they become aware of through a public or private employment relationship” and in line with the holding TERNA S.p.A. and business ethics policies of Terna Group, the Company uses an electronic whistleblowing portal in order to receive reports of breaches, including potential breaches, of the principles contained, inter alia, in the Ethical Code, the Model 231 and the Anti-Corruption Guidelines via the following link . The portal is accessible by anyone.




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